Planning a Cockpit

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The idea sounds simple: just build a Cockpit.
There are quite some decisions to be made though:
Do I want to replicate a specific plane or not?
Do I make my own parts or do I buy everything or a combination of both?
How much space is available?

Are the people I live with oky with what I build?
What is my budget?

Let’s look at it:

I’ll sacrifice part of my workshop and my cockpits “Footprint” will be 200cm by 140cm. At the end I’d like it to have a cabin ceiling and walls.
My wife wants to be in it too, so there have to be two seats.
(There will be only one yoke though.)
Existing parts will be used, but replacing / upgrading is always an option.
Everything has to be created that it can be taken apart and moved in a non destructive manner, all parts have to fit through the door.
It will be run on two PCs, one for X-Plane and one for gauges and such.
Both will have two screens attached.
Since I use various planes the cockpit will not replicate a particular plane.
Switches, etc. which you find in planes with 1-2 engines will be physical, the gauges will be displayed on a screen using Air Manager from Sim Innovations.
For physical parts I’ll use MobiFlight to connect them to the Sim.
I’ll try to build my own stuff but will try to stop my tendency to be a perfectionist and like get a PCB made for everything, etc.
There will be only one screen for the external view for now due to budget restrictions.
I’ll spend money when needed but since I plan for a longer motorcycle trip next year I rather build things myself than to just buy stuff RtR a Sim Store.

And the most important part:
I’ll start with a working Sim on a desk and then improve it.
Having a construction hell where you cannot use the sim is a bad idea.
Over time it drags you down and at the end the project gets abandoned.
Beside working on my cockpit I want to fly with X-Plane and FSEconomy.

Let’s get to it…

What do you think?

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