Austrian Food

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There are, what feels like, very loose rules (but still rules) about food in Austria.

Especially with Fridays. I’ve noticed this in the Cafeteria at work.

This is a very Catholic country, who really love their sweets.

On Fridays in our cafeteria, the main menu is Fish or some kind of dessert.

They can, and quite often do, eat dessert for a meal.

Can you feeeeel the huge grin on my face, just writing about it?


Austrian food, in a very general description, is pure comfort food.

Lots of starches and meat and sweets, boiling, baking and frying. Some of my favorite things to eat come from Austria.

When it’s cold (or, God forbid, snowing), I like to eat Eierknockerl.

It is a dumplingish thing.

Pieces of boiled dough, that are drained and then pan fried to dry them out and then you pour your eggs on top and scramble them in with the dough bits… they get into the creases and edges on the dumplings and there is just this wonderful marriage of textures and flavors.

Or Goulash, chunks of meltingly soft beef that has cooked for hours, with tomatoes and herbs and garlic and lots of paprika… My husband likes it the Viennese way, with a fried egg on top and a wienie man beside it, and a deli pickle in slices beside him. I don’t get it about all of the extra stuff, but I don’t have to get it to cook it.

He eats his that way and I eat mine with a semmel, big chunky piece of bread, perfect for sopping up the sauce.

Either way, whatever food you prefer, at the end of a long cold day, to come home and sit by the fire and have a heap of comfort on a plate, is pure bliss

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