Homemade Tater Tots

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Tater Tots are one of the best things about the South.

They have a very easy recipe and you can do whatever the heck you want to with it.

Make it your own.

I’m going to show you the plain ones. When I made these I just wanted a light crispy potato and a lot of salt, in a melt in your mouth way, not in a potato chips crunchy way.


Roughly chop, and par boil just until knife tender, over a medium heat, however many potatoes you think you will need. Mealy potatoes are the best, but if you can only get the little waxy ones, then use them.


Cool them off until they’re easy to touch, and then shred them. I use a box grater, use any way you have to shred them.

If you only have a knife, then go to town on those potatoes with that knife. Slice it thin and then chop it thin and work it until you like the way it looks.

Add a bit (teaspoon to tablespoon or so,) of flour to help the stick. (use as little as works)

If you want to give them flavor, with spices or herbs, now is the time to add them. However much looks like enough to you.

Grab then and make approximately thumb sized ball-ish things, a bit longer than rounder.

Don’t sqeeze the life out of them, just enough that they hold together well.

Then carefully slip them into hot oil. I was frying chicken, so I just used the oil I had already cooked the chicken in, to fry the Tater Tots.

Yes, I’m sorry, I said fry. This is not every day food, even in America.

So yeah, fry it up until it floats and colors up, take it out and put as much salt and pepper on them as you want.

That’s it. Like so much American food, it’s not really a recipe, just something you can throw together. But easy and delicious is a good combination.

What do you think?

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