Back a few years ago, my Mother In Law asked me to go to Tulln Garten.

Of course I said yes.

A few days later, we set the Navigator/GPS and roared down the highway towards Tulln. It is about 45 minutes from our house, so it was a quick little trip.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I had never been to a park here at that time.

We found the parking area. You are guided by signs, it is very easy to follow. However, they are quite a distance from the park entrance, but not so terribly far from the exit, so I guess it was planned that way.

But it can be tiring, especially in late summer, hot weather.


When we arrived and paid for our tickets, there was not much of a place to sit down, so we went outside where the cafe’s would have been if they had been open. (I don’t remember if we were early n the day or early or late in the season for there to be no cafes open)

We wandered around a but, as we came into the park itself, on the left was a Monet pond, with a bit of bridge and a bit of odd.

It would not be Austria if it did not have that little bit of odd, perched on her chair, imagining all sorts of things, from the middle of the pond. I love this country!

As we moved into the park, the gardens opened up and flowers were everywhere!

Here are just a few that we saw in that front park area.

Aren’t they lovely? It was morning when we arrived and began our walk around the gardens. Again, there are no real places to sit in the garden, so be well rested before you begin.

They have an area that has a working garden, with fruit and berries and even vegetables.

They do have free tours of the entire garden, and we did try to participate in that.

Beyond that was more lovely flower gardens.

By this time, my Mother in law was fed up with her back hurting and the slow pace of the tour and al of the explanations.

So we left the group and wandered in the vague direction of the exit.

Of course, you will notice the large bug sculpture in the midst of all of the flowers. You gotta love Austria!

Nearer the exit, we discovered a beautiful secluded area with a bit of a small waterfall and some really lovely roses and their dainty companions.


By the time we got to the car, we were both exhausted. But it had been such a lovely morning. And it was much better just walking through the exit and coming to our car within a couple of minutes.


This is the website for the Tulln Gartens. It has been a long time since we went. I bet they have added even more plants, flowers and oddities by now.