Finally, Fried Chicken

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As you can tell by the title, we are going to talk about Fried Chicken today.

Fried chicken can be made anywhere in the world. It doesn’t require any specific equipment or any really special ingredients and today, all sorts of things can be bought online. Don’t be intimidated.

If you have any questions, before or after, let me know. Usually, between the two of us, we can figure out an answer together.

Now then, I am going to show you the way I make Fried Chicken.

Give it a try.

If it doesn’t whisper sweet clucks of love in your ear, then experiment and try different things, or amounts of things until you find the right flavor and texture that makes you weak in the knees

Of course, it all starts with the chicken. Happy chickens are always the best!

I prefer bone-in for frying, but boneless is perfectly fine too (it will have a shorter cooking time than bone in).  But I do prefer that the skin still be attached. I think it makes a difference

I was making chicken for supper and for lunches the next week, so I made one bone-in leg with thigh attached, one big old baked leg, and bunch of chicken strips (you can do almost anything with a chicken strip.

I made Homemade Tater Tots to eat with my chicken, so you will see them in a picture or two, but they will have their own post.


I start it all with a Buttermilk marinade.

Buttermilk and ground paprika / paprika pulver  (any kind),  salt and pepper.

That’s it. Let the chicken sit in this mixture as long as you possibly can. Overnight is best, but even if you only have an hour or two, take it. It does make a difference.



Heat up a sturdy oil of your choice, deep enough to cover your thickest piece of chicken, to 350°F / 180°C.

You can use a pot, a pan, or a fryer/Friteuse .

Remove each piece of chicken from the marinade and then coat thoroughly with the dry coating mixture. Set them aside on a plate to set the coating, while your oil heats.


When your oil is hot enough, put in pieces of coated chicken so that none of them are touching.


** I’m sorry I didn’t get any pictures of the chicken frying process, I was talking at that time and I forgot to take pictures. **


Different parts of chicken will cook for different times, Legs and wings take less time, generally 10-12 minutes, while breasts and thighs will probably take about 20 to 25 minutes. Check and see if the chicken juices run clear, if they are, it’s done.

Take out your  fried chicken pieces and set them on paper towel until all are done.


You can serve it with any side dishes / Beilagen. Chicken is not picky about the company it keeps.

If you don’t have, or can’t find all of the ingredients mentioned below, use what you have. If you don’t have buttermilk or any way to make it, just coat your chicken with an egg wash, to give the dry coating something to stick to.

Now, onto the chicken! This recipe is for one whole chicken, cut-up into 6-8 pieces.



2 cups, 500ml, or 1/2 liter of buttermilk / buttermilch

4TBS / Esslöffel – ground paprika / paprika pulver

1TBS / Esslöffel – salt /salz

1TBS / Esslöffel – black pepper / schwarz pfeffer

Remove each piece from the marinade and put it right away into the dry coating mix.

I make the coating as easy for myself as I can, 1 teaspoon of almost everything, except Paprika and Nutmeg, (and flour)


2 cups AP flour / Glatte Mehl

2 TBSP/ esslöffel paprika /paprika pulver

1 tsp / teelöffel salt

1 tsp / teelöffel pepper

1 tsp/ teelöffel ground dried sage / salbei

1 tsp / teelöffel ground rosemary/ rosemarin

1 tsp / teelöffel ground thyme / thymian

1 tsp / teelöffel ground oregano

1 tsp / teelöffel ground dried marjoram

1 tsp / teelöffel powdered garlic / knoblauch

1tsp / teelöffel powdered onion / zwiebel

1/2 tsp/teelöffel nutmeg / muskatnüss


Fry each piece until it is golden brown and the juices run clear.

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