Spring Finally

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The weather has gotten warm enough to go outside with only a light jacket or even shirt sleeves some days.


It’s amazing how much better sunshine and warmth can make you feel.


It has felt like a really long, hard winter, even thought (weather wise) it hasn’t been.

Everyone has been sick, depressed, overworked, tired, cranky. We are all ready for an end to it.

I’ve been planning my garden since January and I’ve started working on it. At the moment. what I have is a big container, with peppers, chilies and cherry tomatoes, with herbs planted in between.  I have plans for the front yard, to rip up what is there and put new plants in.

Not that the plants that are there aren’t pretty and they will probably get used somewhere else. But they are random, just whatever, planted wherever.

So, I have detailed schematics and plans for how I want to make the front yard look, but we will see if it happens.

I have a feeling that this yard is going to end up being a hodge podge of whatever, wherever, but I am determined to get a little of me in the jumble.


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