The snow is melting!

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After almost a week, the weather has warmed up enough to begin melting the snow.

I am jubilant!

I want Spring, or Frühling, as it’s called here, to hurry up and arrive. I’m tired of the dark, I’m tired of having a vitamin D deficiency and being anemic.

I want some sunshine and some butter beans and black eyed peas.

I want to start working on the soil in my garden.

I want to start working on the yard period.

I am not the world’s most attentive gardener. Spring and Summer time is really busy at work. I’m exhausted, come home and cook and work on the building and renovations projects we always have going on in this house, and forget about the garden before going to bed.

But every year about this time, I start watching Alan Titchmarsh on YouTube and planning out my garden.

And the snow is melting!

Peter and I went for a walk this morning, since the sidewalks were clear. Catching Pokémon and finding all of the Pokestops and the Pokegym down the street. It was really nice to be  feeling better (I’ve been sick this week and weekend) and out in the fresh air and sunshine.

It may only be for a short time. Peter says it’s supposed to get cold again. But I’m going to enjoy it while I can.


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