Spring in Austria

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I guess I have Spring (Frühling) on the brain today because the sun is actually shining, but I really think you cannot know how good it feels to turn one season to another if you cannot see a difference.

I come from Northwestern Louisiana. We don’t see a whole lot of difference in the seasons. Hot, hotter and for about a month, Sweater Weather!

Not like here. It was an eye opener.

The picture with this post was taken at sunrise on the Danube River on a Spring morning.

The trees had not fully awakened from their winter’s nap. The leaves were just stretching and budding out and it would be a while before they unfurled to drink the sunshine.

But it was vastly different from the winter that preceded it.

Even the ground and the plants and the animals know when Winter changes to Spring.

And it feels so nice to be included.

What do you think?

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