Hello world!

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Welcome to our website.

We are a couple of nerdy old farts from opposite sides of the world, who got married and have been battling our way through life, love, dragons, zombies, Orcs, demons, Big Daddies, GLaDOS, space pirates, Half Life, not enough lives,  Creepers (did I mention dragons?), server crashes, bit lag….

Where was I?

Oh yeah, doing all that.


For many years.

With cats.

And nerdy children and children in laws and even grandnerdlings.

Unfortunately, all in the US, while we live in Austria.

Not Australia!

Austria (We have Alps!)

Yeah, I moved to the big middle (alright, little middle) of Europe and let me tell you it is always an adventure (and not always the virtual kind). Just when I think I have a handle on Austria, things happen that show I’m only hanging on by my fingernails.

But it helps me to rant …. talk about things, so you will definitely hear them here.

What do you think?

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